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Past Events: Speakers

Bishnupada Sethi

IAS Officer, Managing Director- Odisha state disaster management authority

Senior IAS Officer Shri Bishnupada Sethi, is a man who lets his work speak volumes.He has been awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Awards-2018 by the NITIE for his exemplary services and leadership skills. Among the several initiatives he has taken, the one that takes the spotlight would be his active involvement in the rescue and disaster management team both before and after the Category 4 cyclone 'Fani' hit the coasts of Odisha. He's among the reasons the state still stands strong with the least casualties after a calamity of such disastrous caliber.

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Dr Bindu Menon

Neurologist, Health Activist

One of the most prominent names among Indian neurologists, Dr. Menon has shown that a healthcare leader is not one who only prescribes pills or performs successful surgeries, but also makes these services accessible to the masses. Having completed MBBS from Gandhi Medical College, MD medicine from Jiwaji University and DM Neurology from Mumbai University , she has 21 years of experience in the field.

Dr Tara Rajendran

Doctor, Palliative Music Therapist

Dr. Tara Rajendran, at the young age of 25 achieved great feats some could only dream of. Having been a visiting student of Harvard, Weill Cornell and Stanford, she went on to achieve a degree in the Master of Fine Arts. A visiting student in medical oncology making it to the top 1.2 percentile of undergraduate students in the country, and now a player of the Saraswati Veena, she heals the world one song at a time: her very own music therapy!

Dr Gagandeep Kang.JPG

Dr Gagandeep Kang

Doctor, Researcher

The 1st Indian woman to be inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Society and winner of the prestigious Infosys prize in life sciences, Dr. Gagandeep Kang excels in her field. She is familiar to us all as one of the principle investigators in the development of Rotavac. As the executive director of the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, she has also proven her administrative capabilities. Ever the feminist, she is an inspiration to all ahead of our times.

Pattabi Raman

Photo-journaist, Documentary Photographer

Pattabi Raman is a Puducherry-based photojournalist and Documentary Photographer. Presently working for the national newspaper, The New Indian Express, he lays socio-economic, environmental and cultural issues bare before the public eye. Mr. Raman is a Human Rights Photography Fellow of Magnum Foundation, New York; Photography Fellow of Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and Panos South Asia.

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Swasthik Padma.JPG

Swasthik Padma

Youth, Innovator

"An innovator this century needs." Swasthik Padma is a 19 year old prodigy, a jewel of our country. His young mind seeks to find simple solutions to gross international problems like the enormous amount of plastic waste and attempt to desalinate seawater and he has been successful in this endeavour. The fact that a minor planet has been named after him speaks volumes in itself about the brilliance of this child wizard.

Smita Parikh

Writer, Entrepreneur

Smita Parikh is a diligent advocate of Hindi literature. An RJ, actor, writer and the Managing Director and CEO of E Bizz Entertainment by profession, she is the woman behind the inception of Lit O Fest. Her work has been enamoured by several awards like Rajasthan Sahitya Academy (best story) and Maharana Mewar Foundation for poetry. Her famous collections, "Main Panth Niharu" and "Nazmein Intezar Ki" showcase her flair for literature.

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