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Ms. Tiasa Adhya

Conservationist and wildlife biologist, recipient of the Nari Shakti Puraskar and the Wildlife Conservation Network scholarship, co-founder of The Fishing Cat Project and member, IUCN Species Survival Commission

Ms. Tiasa Adhya co-founded The Fishing Cat Project in 2010, the longest running research and conservation project on a lesser known and globally endangered species that resides in wetlands. From the day she realized that Fishing Cats are related to wetlands and wetlands are linked with climate change, the connection between Fishing Cats and us as two species beaded onto the same string, became clear. 

Ever since, she has been motivated to work on the species and its ecosystem, using pluralistic approaches to involve multiple stakeholders. In 2020, her research work led to the adoption of Fishing Cat as the official ambassador of Chilika, Odisha, which in itself is a national and international heritage. Along with writing various articles for the prestigious Down to Earth magazine that focusses on the politics of environment and development, she has written over 100 popular and scientific articles in English and vernacular media, eco-poetry, and a number of scientific publications, edited a local wildlife magazine, and provided research for Machbagha, a film on Fishing Cats. Her work was featured in Discovery channel and Animal Planet. In the year 2016, she received the prestigious Nari Shakti Puraskar (the highest civilian award for women in India) by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, GOI, which was conferred by the President of India.

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