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Ms. Kalyani Potekar

Sportsperson and India's fastest female superbike racer

The queen of motorsports has a record of a 2.05 minute lap on NCR’s Buddh International Circuit, has ridden across many states in  India and abroad and even represented India internationally in Thailand and Taiwan. With a B.Sc in Physics and Photography and a Best Rider Award as a National level horse-rider, she graduated from the California Superbike School and went on to become one of the FMSCI-recognized “outstanding women” in the motorsports category and making collaborations wih well known automotive, travel, lifestyle and FMCG brands.

Among the many jewels on her crown, she was the youngest and sole female participant out of 200 at Raid-de Himalaya, one of the world’s highest rally raids, at age 20, and a fiery contender in MTV’s Chase The Monsoon. She debuted in the male-dominated career by grabbing a place in the top 10 in the JK Tyre Superbike Cup, and participated in the Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship, also making it to the cover- page of the popular automative magazines. 

Crushing the demotivators under the wheel of her determination, Kalyani Potekar advises all young female riders with a smile “Take their comments, step onto them and make your way ahead.”

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