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Mr. Soumitra Dandapat

Social entrepreneur and  co-founder of the Kishalay Foundation, who aims to transform rural education in the Sundarbans

An IT professional with over 14 years of experience, Mr. Dandapat is the founder of Success Scholar, a startup to train young students on soft skills and make them ready for  industry, and the co-founder of Kishalay Foundation which focusses on improving the quality of education in rural India with their main focus currently being the Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs) of Sundarbans. 


They work with government primary schools and have introduced certain interventional methods like sports camps, group-learning and audio-visual teaching methods. Mr. Dandapat looks after the CSR activities of the foundation and is passionate about sports. He looks into early education pedagogy and sports activities.

Founded  in 2013 by Mr Dandapat along with two of his friends, this humanitarian start-up also looks into the general health of the villagers including catering of proper nutrition along with teaching, hygiene measures to mothers and presently has a team size of more than 100 with 70% women employees, being connected with around 2000 kids all over the Sundarbans and some parts of Murshidabad.

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